Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic


Swimming in curved water. Icewall

      Have you seen any curved water?Every time experiments have been conducted standing water has proven to be perfectly level.


  If you can see the ship go over curvature from the sea shore, then wouldn't the ocean be dropping away quite noticeably when you're flying over it at 500 mph?

  Long distance photography proves flat earth. 

  If you can stand at sea level and see the ship go over the curve what does that say about the size of the globe? How can it hold even North America much less the other land masses and oceans?

   They say that water is curved on this ball but the nature of water is to level out and will travel 1000s of miles to do so. Impossible to have both. One is proven the other is hear say.

   If water curves why don't big frozen lakes  have a curve on them? Lake Baikal in Siberia is one of the flatest place in earth when frozen at over 400 miles. How?

   The Maldives another one of the flattest places on earth. Google flattest places on earth. Research flat earth.

Things globe believers say
Things globe believers say

   Think about how many things you believe but can't prove or even observe. 

   A lot more people are noticing their flight patterns now thanks to flat earthers exposing truth.

   You can't flying around the world North to South. They are no fly zone that won't let you. Why not? It's an easier route.

    The higher the plane goes on a ball the further the flight. Correct? Reality debunks everything.

     Gyroscopes are design to keep instruments and the plane level not constantly dipping over a curve. It would do just the opposite of what it was designed to do if the plane had to dip to make an invisible curve. Research airplane travel using gyroscopic navigation.

   You can prove the ice wall makes the whole circumference of the earth by way that every country you go to you can go south and hit Antarctica. 

    However no one sails around the world in a straight line or around the north and south way.   Sailors have reported an ice wall where there shouldn't be.

   But you and I can prove the earth is flat. Here are some pictures of Antartica though.

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