Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic


Please think about what's on this site and not just write it off.

   This was when scientist could speck out. Now you could lose funding. Some have said exactly this. It's probably why we only hear from certain ones.

   There's a reason there are so many dummies around.

   Teachers only repeat what they've been handed to repeat.

   They preach about a curve though they never seen one.

   Just like a preacher teaches about heaven and hell, a thing he truly knows nothing about.

    Some points and questions to think on.

   How would engines work in the alleged non-atmosphere of vacuum space?

   What does a space shuttle push off of? Can't be water, air or earth.

   Exactly how massive does an object have to be before you and I can observe the object having an effect on smaller masses around it?


   I screen swiped this and sorry for the quality.

   But look at the "astronaut" in the background at the blue screen making a Space Station video. Enough said.

 I don't usually go to the bible for knowledge I go to science BUT the bible is full of scriptures saying the earth is on a foundation and can't be moved. It also says its spread out with 4 corners. Talks about the firmament as well. If you believe in the bible please look these up. And try also to fine where it says we're on a spinning ball flying through endless space. Show me the scripture where the sun dwarfs and kills us all.

   I have seen meteor showers same as you but what are they? They're coming from different directions and different angles and at different speeds. So what is it really? If it really was a Meteor field showering us it'd bein the same direction.

   Some flat earthers say they are discharges from the electromagnetic star grid.

    Telsa talked some about this too but I can't say or prove that but it doesn't add curvature does it?

   What if all your life the government told you through the school system that the earth was flat. And that all stars sun and moon rotate around the North Star and you can witness it.  

   Then I came up to you and said it was actually a ball.

   You would say 'No it's not. Water is flat and there's no curvature you idiot.' And then you would laugh at me.

   Then I'd say 'no water is curved and we are spinning and wobbling and flying about. And the atmosphere is velcroed to the earth.

   You would say 'I was mad. The stars are the same and the North Star never moves.'

   But it's the other way around. See how ridiculous this is.

   You don't reject flat earth because you experience a spinning ball. You reject it because of your life long indoctrination.

   We need real evidence not hearsay. Let's have a look at it my friend.

   They tell you the earth is wobbling, spinning and flying around endless space in the Goldie Locks zone but the north star never changes position. Impossible to have both. One is proven the other is hear say.

  They tell you gravity makes the atmosphere spin with the earth but some gases floats up with nothing pulling it down. Impossible to have both. One is proven the other is hear say.  

    Gravity can't stop clouds from moving but it makes the curve? WTF?

  They say that water is curved on this ball but water is level and flat. Impossible to have both. One is proven the other is hear say.


   Truth fears no investigation. NASA doesn't like you investigating. I want you to investigate flat earth but beware of lies from people posing as flat earthers.

   There's all kinds of disinformation about flat earth out there to turn people away by discrediting it.

   USE YOUR COMMON SENSE when researching.



   Why the lie? It's simple. Mission control.

Who is easier to control people who realize they we're put here but not sure why OR someone who thinks they're a talking monkey on a wobbling spinning flying ball that's solely here by accident?

   Not to mention NASA (Government) brings in $53billion a year of tax payers money for CGI images and BS videos.


   How much BS will it take to wake you up?

   Thanks everyone who stayed the whole way. I hope I at least gave you something to think about. There are a few more pages with videos on it. Hope you take the time to check them out.

   You are the highest conscious being on this plane. In fact you're the only one called a "being." It must be for a reason. Think it over and be kind to one another.