Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic


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 Earth is proven to be flat, stationary and enclosed. 

   It's time to wake up. They're lying to us.

   There are a lot of fake flat earthers and disinformation groups like the Flat Earth Society out there to discredit the awakening. Protect yourself from lies by ONLY believing what you yourself can prove.

    I've made this website to get pass all of that disinfo so you can research flat earth and MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!

   The first video here is the best overall,  but the rest of these videos are short and goes straight to the subject you might be interesting in. Be open minded. 

Here's the best video on the subject. Well worth the time. Watch with an open and unbiased mind.

   One must ask himself why are globe believers turning into flat earthers. Are people suddenly dumbing down or wakening up. ONLY believe what you can prove.

  A video on how sunsets work on a flat earth.

Where's exactly is the curvature? Do we really have to BELIEVE with no observation?

   If everyone on a plane right now all across the world stuck their face to the window they would see a flat horizon. If you add all these flat horizons together does it create a ball? If not how many flat horizons does it take to create a ball?

Horizon line dropping yet raising?

   When you raise up off a ball, no matter how big the ball, the horizon line has to drop on all sides because its fixed on a downward curvature. 

  You should have to look DOWN further and further to see the horizon line because of the downward curvature. But you don't. Not even at 121,000feet. Only in NASA'S images. 

A dropping horizon line doesn't stay at eye level when you rise.
A dropping horizon line doesn't stay at eye level when you rise.

People believe that ships are going behind the Earth's curvature. This is an optical illusion call the laws of perspective.  Above is a good video explaining how you can debunk this notion. 

   Here below are many experiments proving the earth is indeed flat.

Toilet water is flat. Tub water is flat. Ponds and lakes are flat. Ocean is wrapped around a ball? Hmmm

   I've never seen a curved ocean.

   Water will travel 1000s of miles to find seaLEVEL. You have NEVER seen a curved ocean horizon. 

  Long distance photography for lighthouses can debunk the said curvature of 8" per squared mile. Here's a great video explaining.

Reality debunks false claims. Period.

   HOW can the Hubble telescope focus on a star that's moving all while the Hubble is rotating around earth at 17,000mph and flying around the sun, Milky Way and leaving the Big Bang?

Above is a video on engineers, pilots and sailors not having to account for curvature.  

 "It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." 

                           Henry Kissinger

   Here's a good short video on how the North star itself proves the world is like you see it. FLAT


   People compare the Earth spinning to being on a train. However the Earth is supposedly on three uniform circular motions and the train is on a straight line motion. The above video tells how the two should not be compared and why.

   The bottom video talks about why you can't see Mount Everest from where you are on this flat motionless earth.

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