Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic


Satellites and Space Station

How can you see a satellite moving the speed of a bullet?

   Ever notice ALL satellite dishes pointing at a 45degree angle? Wouldn't it make more sense to point it up?

   What happens when the satellite goes pass the dish and around the spinning wobbling flying ball to the other side?

   Seem like it's a tower shooting a signal to your dish.


    I'll just leave this here.

Here's a video of your satellite you see at night. watch at night and you'll see them swaying the wind.


   How can you get a signal off of that? 

   How does a satellite get going that fast?

   How can NASA take pictures of it going faster then a speeding bullet?

   Why has Google spend so much money on cables leading all over the world when there's satellites? And laying more still.


   There are three videos on YouTube that I've seen that show crashed satellites with balloons. They have a phone number on the side of them if found. NASA has a team that picks them up.

   Here are a few good points.

   Why have spy planes when you have satellites? Why have a Google Earth plane when you have satellites?

   These satellites drones that we see at night are in the jet stream. If you watch them you will see them blow a little off course. Then straighten back up again. They are all over the world. They fall all over the world.

   Bad weather can interfere with them.

   If gravity is pulling the space station downward making it loop around this spinning wobbling flying ball then why is everyone inside weightless?

   Where is the centrifugal force? Shouldn't they be flung to the side?

   Does the bottom picture look like guys that have made unbelievable history or does it look like they were force to lie in saying they did?

   One took to drinking and another tried to stay away from the lime light.

   On the next page let's talk about the indoctrination we call moonlanding. And the pure fakeness of it all.