Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic


Flat Earth: provable and observable

You can prove water's flat.

You can prove there's no observable curvature.

You can prove the atmosphere is moving in all kinds of directions.

You yourself can prove the stars are always the same because we're not wobbling and flying.

But can you prove the earth is a spinning wobbling flying ball?

  YOU'RE a higher consciousness being but they tell you you're a talking monkey. Find out why you're here. SEEK ANSWERS!!!

How can there be constellations if we're wobbling and flying?

   The North star Polaris is right where it should be. Above the North Pole. No matter where I'm at there it is.

  Star trails are perfect circles all year long. How can this be if we're wobbling and flying in three different directions.?

     Stars rotate around the North Star. Time lapse photos show this. Then there's the wondering stars the ancient people talked about. What these pseudo-scientist of today call planets.

No where do you see objects floating away only in NASA's videos.

   At what point in the atmosphere do we become weightless? Is it slowly or suddenly? At what point does the vacuum stop and leaves the atmosphere alone?

   If the sun's gravitational pull is more powerful then the moons' and earth's gravitational pull then why doesn't the sun pull the moon out of orbit when it's 280,000 miles closer to the sun then earth?

Or why doesn't the sun cause the tides when the earth is between the moon and the sun? It has the stronger pull.

NASA had to come out and admit that they do this. We got them on the fence.

   How many times must NASA's pictures and videos be proven fraudulent before you stop trusting the controllers? YouTube NASA video errors. They're everywhere.

  There's 6 videos with a moth flying around in the background on the ISS. Three videos where the astronauts drop something. And one video where the astronaut almost falls. And videos with bubbles floating around out the station.

   There are videos of people literally taking pictures off NASA's site and showing how they're Photoshopped. One had the word SEX in the clouds.

   I mean in a court of law they would be in trouble for lying. But not in science?

Moon images
Moon images

Copy NASA's images and put them on Photoshop. 

   Don't take a flat earthers word for it. Do it yourself.

   How can we trust the controllers scientists? They tell us things we have no way of proven.

Earth images
Earth images

Think about this. LMAO 

   The globe theory is only possible in mathematics, speculation and assumptions. Mathematics can be manipulated with assumptions to fit whatever.

Like streetlights and planes the sun appears to go downward as it moves away from the observer.

  Sunsets what about them you may ask.

   Let's talk about vision and how it works. If you look down a long enough hallway the ceiling and floor would become closer and closer until they meet at what's called the vanishing point/horizon line. Anything on the ceiling or floor would go behind the line.

   No curvature, it's just simply out of range. If you climb a ladder or use a pair of binoculars  you'll see a little further.

   That's why the sun and moon looks like they're dipping behind a curve. They're passing the vanishing point  out of range.




Your eyes can not see to infinity. 

   As things get further away they get smaller and smaller. As you get further from Mount Everest it will appear to get smaller and smaller til it disappears bottom first. 

   Please continue on with me and let's look at some logic togather. No simply repeating things we can't prove or observe.

   Come on let's go further down this rabbit hole. I think I hear NASA looking for some curved water down there.